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Saint Mary’s Church in Barnesville is putting an ark up for grabs at its third annual Antique Show and Sale on Presidents Day weekend in February.  No, it’s not Noah’s ark that they’re putting up for raffle on the second day of the show, and it’s definitely not the ark of the covenant that carried the ten commandmants.
But it is a valuable ark, nonetheless, according to Greg Smith of Johnsville Auction House, northeast of Frederick.  “This antique ark dates back to somewhere between the mid-1500s and mid-1600s and most likely comes from England or Wales.  Knowing what we do about its provenance, it came to the United States with the Leizinger family from Clearfield, PA, immigrants to the region in the mid-1800s.
"Judging from the iron clasp on the ark, it was likely used to store the families valuables on the voyage over to America.  Though there are other arks similar to this one out there on the global market, its relative rarity and good condition puts its insurance appraisal value at around $4,000."
“This ark is great for storing blankets or keepsakes,” said Donald Patti of the Knights of Columbus, the organization that’s coordinating the antique show.  “We have a chest at home that we use to store winter clothes, as well as one to store musical instruments, so a chest like this one is very versatile."
Saint Mary’s plans to raffle of the ark on the last day of the antique show, which runs on Saturday, February 18th from 11AM-5PM and Sunday, February 19th from 12PM-5PM at the Father Reid Pavilion on the parish grounds at 18230 Barnesville Road in Barnesville.  Only 1,000 raffle tickets are being sold and the winner does not need to be present to win.
The show includes low-cost antique appraisals, a silent auction open to anyone, presentations on antique and collectible topics, and antique sales by over a dozen antique dealers.  More information can be learned by contacting or by calling 866-478-8080.
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Appraisals will be conducted by Johnsville Auction House

Rocklands Farm will be selling wine tasting

Historical Talks - two prominent local historians will be speaking about (and bringing) some unique local treasurers.

FOOD St. Mary's Sodality and the Haiti Twinning Committee will be providing concessions.

Silent Auction

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Supporting our charitable efforts.

Our Council of the Knights of Columbus is involved in different activities including the church and community. Funds raised go toward helping those in need both here and abroad.

WUMCO Food bank - we sponsor food drives

Shady Grove Pregnancy Center - we provide free dinners for participants in their new parent classes

Circle of Hope Therapeutic Riding Center - we provide funds to support their efforts and even bought a horse for them.

St Joseph's Church in Carcasse Haiti - Working with the parishioners in Haiti the twin parishes have built a rectory, built and staff a school including the addition of solar panels for a computer class, fostered a coffee growers co-operative to provide an income for local farmers, and fund medical missions that bring doctors to Carcasse for much needed medical care. A group is leaving soon to install new solar panels, replacing those lost in last years hurricane. The hope is to power a new  well with the panels to provide clean drinking water.

Veterans support -We provide funds and volunteer with the Poolesville Military Support Group's annual wounded soldier picnic and fishing tournament. See you Saturday, June 24, 2017!

Medical Mission in Honduras - One of our Brother Knights goes to a remote and forgotten part of Honduras as part of a surgical team that perform free surgeries in the community. We have been providing funds to ship medical supplies to a local monastery that is the base for the mission.

MM carcasse school